Borbonius Anthias

Borbonius Anthias

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Odontanthias borbonius
The Blotched Anthias is a true treasure for both reef aquarists and anthias enthusiasts alike. This coveted deep water anthias has generated a near cult-like following due to its magnificent coloration and sporadic availability in the aquarium trade. A warm pink body color is beautifully accented with irregular-shaped markings of a rustic golden hue. The fins sport a lighter lemon-yellow coloration to provide an invigorating yet subtle contrast. This gorgeous combination of exciting colors appears as though pulled right from a tropical sunset! The anterior dorsal fin demonstrates distinct spines while the soft dorsal fin and tail terminate in graceful filaments for a rich visual display. The attraction to the Blotched Anthias is immediate thanks to these striking qualities.

The Blotched Anthias makes a highly-prized and colorful addition to a large, established reef aquarium (the deeper the better). Originating from deep waters, the Blotched Anthias prefers to occupy the lower regions of the aquarium. To best replicate a natural environment, aquascape liberally with live rock to create ample crevices and caves for the Blotched Anthias to seek refuge. However, be sure to maintain open areas and plenty of surface area for proper water oxygenation. An environment with low to moderate lighting conditions is ideal for the Blotched Anthias, but these fishes adapt well to more intense lighting utilized on modern reef aquariums.

Once acclimated to a new aquarium, Anthias do best when fed a varied diet of enriched frozen mysis shrimp, enriched frozen brine shrimp, and over time may eat high-quality flake foods offered in small quantities throughout the day. An attached refugium cultivating copepods and amphipods provides a steady supply of nutritious live food sure to keep this active planktivore content.

The following is an excerpt from a 5-part series written exclusively for LiveAquaria® by the respected Scott W. Michael:

"There are several deepwater anthias that may be represented in the aquarium trade. When these species are available, they command a hefty price because there is much work and danger associated with collecting fish at the depths at which they occur (i.e., typically deeper than 200 feet of water). The lovely Blotchy Deep Anthias (Holanthias borbonius) is one such member of the deepwater Anthinne guild. It has become more readily available to hobbyists of late. It is a hardy aquarium species, but be aware that while juveniles are usually quite congenial, adults will quarrel with one another."

From Keeping the Jewels of the Reef: The Anthias of the Genus Pseudanthias-Part 5 Popular Anthias for the Home Aquarium

Care Level - Moderate
Temperament - Semi-aggressive
Color Form - Orange, Pink, Yellow
Diet - Carnivore
Reef Compatible - Yes
Water Conditions - sg 1.020-1.025, 70-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4
Max. Size - 6"
Family - Serranidae
Minimum Tank Size - 125 gallons