At Ethical Aquatics, our first priority is providing healthy fish for our clients! 

Quick View QT Schedule:

Day 0 - Arrival & Inspection, Metronidazole​
Day 1 - Begin copper ramp-up & medicated food​
Day 2 - Metro​
Day 3 - Copper at therapeutic level (>2.0 PPM)​
Day 4 - Metro​
Day 6 - Metro​
Day 8 - Metro​
Day 10 - Prazi​
Day 16 - Fenbendazole or Prazi​
Day 17 - Transfer, 2 week observation begins​
Days 18-31 - Black Molly Observation​
Day 32 - Fish available for purchase​

Detailed QT Procedure

Fish Arrival

Boxes are opened with room and tank lights dimmed. All fish are individually inspected for signs of illness, acclimated to our QT system water. If any signs of serious disease are noticed, the fish is isolated in it's own tank.

One Day to Settle in then Medication Ramp-Up

  • Copper Power is added to the system via hourly doses with dosing pump to 2.50 PPM over 3 days. Once 2.0 PPM is reached, 14 day countdown starts and copper is maintained at 2.35 - 2.50 PPM.
  • Copper tested daily with Hanna Copper Checker
  • For Chloroquine Phosphate QT fish, medication is added the day after arrival and maintained at therapeutic level for 14 days

Medicated Food for Internal Issues

  • Metronidazole & Praziquantel/Fenbendazole soaked food (Humblefish's recipe) starts the day after arrival for 10 days


  • 5 doses every 48 hours starting upon arrival.

Praziquantel Fenbendazole

  • One dose each.
  • Praziquantel dosed on day 10 and day 16 (for Wrasses)
  • Fenbendazole dosed on day 16 (12 hours before transfer)

Transfer Day

  • All fish transferred to the clean observation system.

Observation Period

  • 14 day observation period begins after transfer
  • Multiple black mollies are in this system to help spot any parasites in the unlikely event something slips through.
  • Fish are fed 4-8 times daily to help them gain weight and strength before being put up for sale.
  • Observation tanks are a more natural setup to help reduce stress and help fish build their strength and immune systems

We take every precaution with our fish but with so many variables at play, it is impossible to guarantee 100% of fish are pathogen free 100% of the time. We will not sell any fish that we would not be comfortable putting into our own display tank. After you receive your fish, you acknowledge that are solely responsible for the care and well being of the fish once they have arrived. We will not be held liable for any contamination or losses that may occur to your new or existing fish. We recommend housing your new fish in a separate, STERILE tank for at least two weeks prior to adding them to your display tank as an extra layer of security.

Please note corals and inverts are not considered quarantined for fish parasites, however this can be arranged.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US and we'll be happy to help!